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            CP CULTURE


            ABOUT US



            CP Culture Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CP Culture”) is a CP Group enterprise. Following the strategic policy of national "The Belt and Road" Initiative, CP Culture is committed to becoming a practitioner of the world culture. Relying on the diversified industrial platform and advantageous resources of CP Group, we focus on the deep development of the cultural industry.

            Based on a full range of collection management business, CP Culture builds an open platform for derivative art and an international cultural exchange platform through an innovative cultural space, and integrates multi-dimensional "cultural+ "ecological chains such as technological innovation and cultural public welfare to promote and lead the development of cultural complex industry.



            • 正大寶庫

              CP TREASURY

            • 正大藝享

              CP JOY OF ART

            • 正大寶庫是正大文化發展有限公司旗下的核心管藏項目,坐落于北京CBD核心區超甲級商業寫字樓綜合體“正大中心”內。


              CP Treasury, a core collection management project of CP Culture Development Co., Ltd., is located in CP Center, a super Class-A commercial office complex in the core area of CBD, Beijing.

              CP Treasury is an innovative development model consisting of a full range of exclusive management and exclusive cultural derivative services. It is committed to meeting the growing demand for high-end collection management in the Chinese market. Focusing on the core development concept of the cultural industry, we will build a leading brand in the pan-cultural field.

            • “正大藝享”將依托正大文化平臺搭建中西方文化藝術交流通道、整合行業優質資源、開拓創新模式、匯聚行業專家為客戶提供綜合性一站式的藝術文化生活服務,打造圈層生態社交平臺。


              “CP JOY OF ART” will rely on the platform of CP Culture to build a cultural and artistic exchange channel between China and the West, integrate industry quality resources, develop innovative models and gather industry experts to provide customers with a comprehensive one-step art and cultural life service and create a multi-layer ecological social platform. We will be committed to providing our customers with all-sided, professional and comprehensive one-step cultural and artistic solutions. Through multi-dimensional intelligent data analysis and the cooperation with the world’s top art asset consultants, we will develop professional, objective and forward-looking collection consulting services and collection management services for our clients.